Professional Indemnity

Protection against negligent advice and consultancy 

Many businesses are vulnerable to a claim of negligence when their advice or service fails to meet a client’s expectations. If your business offers professional advice or consultancy, it is important to consider the consequences of something going wrong.

From private tutors and architects to designers and electricians, there are countless professionals across a wide range of industries who would benefit from Professional Indemnity cover.

This policy provides protection against the costs you may incur to defend yourself against any compensation claims that may arise. The level of cover you need will depend based on the type of work you carry out and the risk involved.

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Policy Benefits 

Legal Expenses

Loss or breach of data

Compensation / fines

At Robins Row, we can advise you on the appropriate level of professional indemnity cover for your specific situation, with limits starting from £50,000.


It is important to consider the full scope of liability cover for your business, so consider speaking to a member of our team about our other services. You can find out more about these here.


Your Professional Indemnity cover includes:

Investigation and defence costs

Potential compensation

Legal expenses

Professional negligence

Unintentional copyright infringement

Breach of confidentiality

Loss of data/documents



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