Property Owners & Landlords Insurance

Safeguard both your business and properties

Whether you own or manage a commercial, residential or mixed-use property portfolio, you have several different areas of cover to consider. Not only do you need to account for the properties themselves, you also need to keep in mind the business side of things.

At Robins Row, our specialist team will work with you to arrange cover that covers all aspects of your business, taking into account risks such as fire, flood and tenant damage, alongside less tangible risks such as loss of rent and liability issues.

Putting a key in a lock

Policy Options

Loss of Rent


Unoccupied Properties

If you own multiple properties, we can ensure these are all accounted for under the same policy. This allows for everything to be managed in the same place, saving time on admin and giving you one renewal date across all your properties.


If you manage non-standard properties or are looking to cover a temporarily unoccupied building, we can shape your cover to fit around your unique requirements. Our aim is to arrange competitive cover that is right for you.


Your Property Owners & Landlords Insurance can include:


Property owners’ liability insurance (£1m, £2m or £5m)

Loss of rent

Trace and access

Landlords’ legal expenses


Malicious damage caused by tenants

Loss of rent and alternative accommodation

Rent guarantee cover

Unoccupied properties/in renovation


To speak to one of our insurance specialists about Property Owners & Landlord Insurance, contact us, or call:


01787 378205 (Suffolk Office)

01256 398500 (Hampshire Office)

01243 841710 (Sussex Office)

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